Silicon Materials, Inc.

For over 20 years Silicon Materials, Inc. has produced virgin semiconductor grade silicon wafers servicing customers worldwide. Our consistent high quality, technical expertise, and economical pricing make Silicon Materials, Inc. a superior manufacturer. Silicon Materials, Inc. supports Semi standard and customized silicon wafer specifications.

  • Production cycle begins with US produced virgin electronic grade polysilicon
  • Virgin Prime And Test Electronic Grade Cz Silicon Wafers
  • Diameters: 2” Through 200mm
  • Orientations: <100>, <111> and <110>
  • Dopants: Boron, Phosphorus, Antimony, Arsenic, and Undoped

Silicon Materials, Inc. also supplies 200mm and 300mm silicon wafers as well as 2” through 150mm Fz material, undoped silicon wafers and silicon ingot.

Check in-stock material on our inventory page, or submit an RFQ on our request for quote page.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified – View Certificate

Company News

CS ManTech May 17-18 2016

CS ManTech Conference 2016 at Hyatt Regency in Miami, FL.  Come visit us at booth 211! We hope to see you there.

CS ManTech 2016

SPIE Advanced Lithography

Advanced Lithography Exhibition, February 23rd and 24th in San Jose, California.

Cz Undoped Material

Silicon Materials, Inc. now proudly offers high resistivity Cz wafers. Resistivities range from 1,000 to 6,000 Ω-cm. Our customers find this material to be an economical alternative to high cost Fz wafers.

Contact us today for pricing and leadtime.

SMI Announces Creation of Captive Small Diameter Fz Silicon Production

We are please to announce the creation of independent Fz ingot in 2-3” diameters, with 100mm diameter to begin shortly. This world calls material,
produced from US produced poly rod, can be supplied by SMI in ingot or wafer form. Please inquire for quotations.

AVS Symposium and Exhibition 2015

AVS Exhibition Oct 18-23 in San Jose, CA.  Hope to see you there!